Kleine Sonne - day-care facility for children

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Play, tinker, laugh, eat, sing, frolic and rest together - Kleine Sonne - day-care facility for children

The concept

The „Kleine Sonne“ is a family accompanying day-care with the education goal to bring forward and support your child according to the age. We take care of 10 children which need a regular and permanent attendance from one year on. They can stay with us until they enter into the Kindergarten. A social pedagogue, a child care worker and an apprentice are taking care of the children.


Care Time

From 8.00 to 15.00 o'clock we take care of the children in our facility.

In order to guarantee a constant daily rhythm the children should be brought until 8:45 o'clock and picked up not before 12 o'clock, as we want to perform creative work with the group in this time.


The phase of acclimatization

The acclimatization time is set to the particular pace of the child. For this a close cooperation with the parents is necessary. Often it is difficult for young parents to bring their child into a day-care. Therefore the parents will accompany their child during the first days in order to learn about the pedagogical work and to establish confidence to the pedagogues.

After that the child will continuously increase the hours of staying alone in the facility. With constant care it is possible to build up contacts and relationships. The pace is defined by means of individual dialogs with the parents.



Three meals per day are offered in our facility at constant times in order to get the children accustomed to the meal rythms. The meals are accompanied by rituals like hand washing, bibs tieing, hands holding, saying a table word and after the meal teeth cleaning. The children get as much time as they need, so that they can enjoy the meal. Thus the natural feeling concerning eating is supported.

The children bring the food for breakfast themselves. At 12 o'clock they get the lunch. The taste is developing very early and this is supported by a comprehensive and diversified offer of dishes which we offer in our facility.



Napkins are provided by the parents.


Midday break

Children need to rest. Several hours playing with other children of the same age is stimulating but also exhausting. Therefore every child can recover during the midday break and can sleep in its “own bed” in the generous relaxation room.


In case of sickness

A sick child needs especially much rest and attention from its parents. Children with contagious diseases and/or higher temperatures over 38°C shall stay at home.


Children’s pick-up by third persons

If other persons will pick up the child, the day-care team must be informed. In case of doubts the parents will be contacted by phone and if the uncertainty cannot be cleared we will keep the child in our facility.

Cooperation with the parents

The close cooperation with the parents is important for us. We offer regular evening parent conferences and furthermore dialog apointments can be agreed at any time.


Reception procedure

Every child from one year on until the entry into the Kindergarten is accepted. The home does not play a role. Interested parents can ask for a visit date or an acceptance form to subscribe the child. In case of high demands we apply a waiting list. As soon as a place gets free we contact the parents to agree upon entry date, accomodization time, costs, etc.



"Kleine Sonne" • Martinstraße 14 • D-52062 Aachen • GERMANY • phone: +49-(0)241-40 99 322