Kleine Sonne - day-care facility for children

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Play, tinker, laugh, eat, sing, frolic and rest together - Kleine Sonne - day-care facility for children

The pedagogical work


"Help me do it myself."

"Give me time."


These two guiding principles of Montessori pedagogy are the focus of our educational work.

First of all we want that the children feel well in our facility. We achieve this with empathy and patience. We determine education goals to support and stimulate the children’s development according to their age. We accept every child with it’s personal character and want to achieve a trustful relationship.


Emotional and social sphere

The social behaviour is exemplified through the way of life of the adults and communicated within the group. The children learn to accept and respect each other and to learn about tolerance and patience. Thus the child develops a wholesome self-confidence, self-sureness, the ability to achieve something and to solve conflicts. This we support by thoughtfulness, empathy and compliments.


Motorical sphere

Various platforms and pedestals enable the children to obtain different room perspectives. For every motorical stage of development we provide challenges and animations to get active: climbing wall, bath with balls, hammocks, jumpers and much more. Additionally the children profit from small excursions to obtain manifold animations and motorical adventures.


Creative sphere

The children can perform experiments using very different materials. Furthermore we integrate the children into various activities by means of music, musical comedies and fairy tale hours.


Language development

Many children which enter into our facility cannot yet speak. We stimulate the language development by dialogs, games and songs.


Potty training and cleanliness education

Beside the stepwise potty training we also support the children concerning personal hygiene on their own, e.g. teeth cleaning and washing face and hands. The effective date of the potty training is decided by the parents. Our staff is pleased to give you advices.


Time for free games

Within this time the children are allowed to decide where, what and with whom they want to play. They learn to choose their game partners, to develop their self-motivation, to assimilate their experiences and to realize their ideas.


"Kleine Sonne" • Martinstraße 14 • D-52062 Aachen • GERMANY • phone: +49-(0)241-40 99 322